Some friends invited us on a quick local Road Trip to Devil’s Hole State Park in Niagara Falls, NY yesterday, so we stopped at the grocery store for some subs and chips and headed off down the 190, to the Robert Moses Expressway (we took it thru the city) and exited at the Devil’s Hole exit. (see map below) This trip is about 45 minutes or so from the Buffalo , NY area.  The road trip was quick and easy, no lines at the Grand Island Bridge.  The roads were in good shape for the most part but the Robert Moses Parkway is pretty run down.  In one section it is not a divided highway and instead they have one side shut down, we saw some bikers using it as a bike lane. All traffic was using one side of the road is 2 way traffic.

Depending on which way you come from you may have to do a U turn to get over to the small parking lot for the park.