Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte Colorado is the type of place that reaches deep down into your soul, grabs a hold tight and never lets go. Formerly a coal mining town, Crested Butte is nestled in the West Elk Mountains and has become a haven for trail runners, mountain bikers, hikers and just about every type of winter enthusiast that you can imagine.

For those who have visited and especially for those who have been lucky enough to have lived or still live there, Crested Butte is a magical place. It has saved some, enlightened a few and inspired many to live small and enjoy the incredible outdoors. Just sitting on one of the downtown work of art benches can inspire you to let the day slip away as you watch the townies and visitors gently stroll down Elk Ave looking for memories and most importantly a place to eat.  The locals are about as friendly as you can imagine and although they will probably make fun of you for being from New York or Chicago, it's all in good fun because they know that within about 48 hours you will forever be from Crested Butte Colorado.

Posting photos of The Butte never does it justice. The Rockies are so imposing that even when you are standing in the middle of them, they just don't seem real. There are to many trails to list but the 401 Trail Loop is iconic. Going up to Taylor Park Reservoir for sunset will, well, you'll just have to find out that one for yourself.  A few establishments that are a must are Izzys for some breakfast and Donita's Cantina for dinner. Trust me.

So get in your family truckster and head west my friend. Head west to the greatest little mountain town you will ever experience. Get ready to experience the Rockies like only a few have. Take your own photos, but you won't really need them because Crested Butte Colorado will live deep down your soul making it impossible to forget.

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