The Buffalo Bill Historical Center is the oldest museum in the West, founded in 1917. It is a group of  museums all located in one historical center. The center features:


Plains Indians Museum-

This museum features a wide variety of Native American history from the Lakota, Crow, Arapaho, Shoshone, and Cheyenne tribes. The museum features many Native American artifacts from artwork to quilts.

Whitney Gallery of Western Art-

This museum features extraordinary artwork revolving around the old wild west and heroic cowboy lifestyle. Some of the artists include Edgar Samuel Paxson, Alfred Jacob Miller, and Thomas Moran.

Cody Firearms Museum-

This museum features the history and collection of American firearms.  The collection includes Winchester rifles and the DuBiel Arms Company. The exhibits show the evolution of weapons from the 16th century to modern weapons today.

Draper Museum of Natural History-

This museum features 20,000 sqft. of the geology, wildlife, and human presence in the Greater Yellowstone region.

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