There are many things to consider when planning a road trip. They vary depending on the length of the trip and how far from home you will be and what part of the country you will be “Road Tripping” to.

How far to drive each day.
Some people like to drive 12 hrs or more a day to get to the destination. I prefer to stop along the way to see things to break up the driving a bit. I usually try to get on the road by 7 am or so and try to plan a route so that there is something to stop and see around lunch time. Then again around dinner and then we like to drive till early evening and hit a hotel by 7 or 8 pm.
If you have kids or have a small car with lots of stuff packed in tight, you may want to stop more often to stretch out and switch places.
How far you can make it each day depends a lot on how fast you drive and how many stops you make. In 2012 we did a 22 day cross country trip that had us covering 750 miles in one day if there were not many stops, and no site seeing, and some days we only covered 250 miles because we stopped at museums and attractions all day long.
If you want to be efficient, I would suggest planning a daily route. Set a reasonable time to hit the road and where you plan to be each evening. Jot down some of the stops you plan to make throughout the day and see if the time works out. If you have 750 miles to cover and 6 stops at a half hour to an hour each, you may want to re think the plan. You just won’t have the time. Poor planning can ruin a road trip. You don’t want to have your heart set on seeing something and then arriving an hour after they close for the day because you didn’t allow enough time for driving.

What to pack for a road trip.
This is up to each persons personal preference, but there are a few things to consider. If its a short trip, every night at the same hotel then just pack everything in one bag. But if you are going to many hotels, night aft night in a different location, I would suggest a small bag that you fill each day with just what you need for the next day. There is no point in dragging all you clothes for a week into each hotel each night.

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