Le Claire River Loft now has 2 locations in Le Claire, Iowa.

We stayed at the Le Claire River Loft.

It is a furnished Le Claire vacation rental in the heart of downtown, and it is suited for 2 to 4 people. It also has a beautiful view of the Mississippi River.

From the second we walked inside, the kids couldn't stop raving about this place.  There is TONS of room.  The kitchen is huge, the living room is huge, there is a private upstairs bedroom, a big bathroom, and more.

The decor is very  nice.  Le Claire is an antique town and the River Loft fits the area.  The location is great. It's right on the strip of shops and restaurants (only a few hundred feet from Antique Archaeology, the shop featured on the TV show, American Pickers).

While we were visiting it was REALLY HOT.    The 2 window AC units were running full blast to cool the place but it was 97 degrees outside.  The cool air felt VERY nice as we walked in from the heat.    I definitely would recommend the River  Loft to anyone Visiting Le Claire.

We LOVED our stay and wish we would have been in town a little longer.  We usually stay at Hampton Inns or some chain hotel.  For us, this type of vacation rental home is totally new but it worked out great.