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Jon P.

  • Hi this is my profile. I like to drive.

Hotel Ignacio- St. Louis, Missouri

This boutique hotel in St. Louis, MO is in midtown St. Louis and is located near St. Louis University. According to their website:  “Hotel Ignacio offers 49 well-appointed guest rooms and two suites. Designed by the award-winning Lawrence Group,Read more

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Devils Hole State Park, Niagara Falls, NY Road Trip

A Great Walk In The Gorge- Some friends invited us on a quick local Road Trip to Devil’s Hole State Park in Niagara Falls NY, so we stopped at the grocery store for some subs and chips and headedRead more

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Antique Archaeology- American Pickers- Le Claire, Iowa

We started out at 4 am to make the 640 mile trip to Le Claire, Iowa.  We wanted to arrive before the 6pm closing time at Antique Archaeology, and we finally drove in around 3 pm (that includes gainingRead more

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Triumph Grill- St. Louis, Missouri

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